Sex Offenders Groom Their Victims

Acquaintance Sex Offenders often ‘groom’ their victims prior to any sexual abuse for a period of weeks, months or even years. When the parent(s) is physically or emotionally absent it makes the child the most vulnerable to a sex offenders cunning tactics.

Grooming activities include, but are not restricted to the following.

o Befriending and gaining trust with the parent(s)–especially single women. The sex offender offers to watch the child so the single mother or parents can have a ‘free’ night out; or provide fun activities–taking the child away from the home. During these activities the sex offender deepens the grooming activities–touching the child in ways that are seemingly inocuous… yet sexual in nature. Such as hugging often, touching her buttocks, putting his hand on her leg, kissing her on the cheek and exculating to kissing her on the mouth. At any stage of the grooming process if she protests he apologizes to quiet her discomfort. He knows he will gain acceptance again, if the protest is weak or she readily accepts the apology.

The sex offender is keenly aware that the child needs to be controlled to the extent he/she can sexually abuse the child without fear of disclosure. This manipulation may be obtained in many ways: favors, threats, guilt, shame, ‘This is our secret,’ ‘If you tell anyone, they won’t believe you,’ ‘You can’t tell, I will lose my job, ‘You know you wanted to do this too. You could have stopped any time.’ Thus, making the child equally responsible for the sexual activity.

Other ways Sex Offenders gain access to children:

o Securing jobs and participating in community events that involve children. Then, befriending those who the most vulnerable.

o Volunteering to coach children’s sports, thus, having opportunities to befriend the parents and then groom the child.

o Attending sporting events for children, thus, learning which parents are absent during the game. Offering to give the child a ride home.

o Volunteering in youth organizations, volunteering to chaperone overnight trips.

o Frequently being in places children socialize – playgrounds, malls, game arcades, etc. Befriending the child, who projects loneliness, offering to buy them treats or small items of interest.

o Engaging in Internet gaming and social web sites, learning the online interests and lingo of tweens and teens. Befriending those who seem to be seeking attention, love and affection.

o Being foster parents. It is foolhardy to assume someone, who is married with children would be less likely to be a sex offender. Sex offenders might only sexually abuse other’s children and not their own. Thus, sex offenders will become a foster parent to have ready access to children. If the foster child is returned to his/her parent(s), or an adoptive family, another child will soon need foster parents.

Grooming can be done in the presence of others, often without the other person recognizing the intent of the behavior.

A mother revealed her husband played a tickling game with their three-year-old son. The rule of the game was to play with Daddy and have fun-the son was instructed to tickle his father’s nipples while sitting in a straddled position over his father’s nude body from the waist up. The object of this game was, ‘Make daddy laugh.’ Of course, the father could withhold laughing until he experienced the sexual stimulation he desired. When the mother objected to this game, the father admonished her for being jealous of his time with their son.

Another mother was horrified when her three-year old daughter asked her to play the ‘pee-pee’ game. She asked her daughter to explain this game. Her daughter lay on her back on the floor; legs spread and said, “Touch my ‘pee-pee,’ Mommy, that is what Daddy does.”

Fathers frequently cuddle in bed with their daughters in a spoon position, arm across their mid-body with only underware or pajamas on. Several clients have reported feeling their father’s penis against their legs or back, while not knowing what to do-as they wanted their father’s affection-they didn’t like the feeling of his genitals against their body. This cuddling seems harmless, most mothers reason. The women also reported sexual abuse occurred sometime later. Was the cuddling in bed a form of grooming or was the cuddling an ill advised way to show affection with the child that unwittingly led to subsequent sexual abuse? In either belief; the damage is done.

In a study of twenty adult sex offenders conducted by Jon Cote, Steven Wolf and Tim Smith; two of the key questions asked were:

1. “Was there something about the child’s behavior which attracted you to the child?”

o “The warm and friendly child or the vulnerable child. Friendly, showed me their panties.”

o “The way the child would look at me, trustingly.”

o “The child who was teasing me, smiling at me, asking me to do favors.”

o “Someone who had been a victim before [sexual abuse or spankings], quiet, withdrawn, compliant. Someone, who had not been, a victim would be more non-accepting of the sexual language or stepping over the boundaries of modesty. Quieter, easier to manipulate, less likely to object or put up a fight… goes along with things.”

2. “After you had identified a potential victim, what did you do to engage the child into sexual contact?” The responses included:

o “I didn’t say anything. It was at night, and she was in bed asleep.”

o “Talking, spending time with them, being around them at bedtime, being around them in my underwear, sitting down on the bed with them. Constantly evaluating the child’s reaction… A lot of touching, hugging, kissing, snuggling.” [Desensitizing the child with appropriate behavior.]

o “Playing, talking, giving special attention, trying to get the child to initiate contact with me… Get the child to feel safe to talk with me. From here I would initiate different kinds of contact, such as touching the child’s back, head… Testing the child to see how much she would take before she would pull away.”

o “Isolate them from other people. Once alone, I would make a game of it (red light, green light with touching up their leg until they said stop). Making it fun.”

o “Most of the time I would start by giving them a rub down. When I got them aroused, I would take the chance and place my hand on their penis to masturbate them. If they would not object, I would take this to mean it was okay… I would isolate them. I might spend the night with them. Physical isolation, closeness, contact are more important than verbal seduction.”

Many of my clients have reported their sexual abuse grooming started when they showered with a parent-or the parent/caretaker washed the child’s genital area with bare hands and soap long past the stage a child needed assistance to cleanse their genital area. While for some this activity was the extent of the covert sexual contact, but for others it evolved into overt sexual abuse. Even though the activity was only ‘rubbing’ the genital area ostensibly for bathing purposes, many people suffered classic aftereffects of sexual abuse.

How? You might ask, would the child experience sexual abuse by having their genital area washed with bare hands and soap? The answer is simple. At birth, children are complete neurological sexual beings, who can experience erotic sensation, although they are sexually immature and without an active sex drive. Furthermore, the child experiences the adult’s physiology, which has sexual overtones, thus although the child doesn’t have a name for the experience the child knows his/her body is responding in a unfamiliar manner and the experience with the adults is unfamiliar. Within the definition of sexual abuse it is abuse, “If a child cannot refuse, or who believes she or he cannot refuse she/he has been violated.”

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Adult Sex Toys – 5 Basic Questions and Answers

1) Is it OK to think about sex? Is it OK to read about sex? Is it OK to have sex? Just for pleasure?

Sex is a good thing. Sex is legitimate as long as all the people involved are doing it from their own free will. Sex is physical, emotional and spiritual bonding between two or more loving people. Almost every human being is having sex many times in his life times. It is normal and natural activity for adults. It is OK to think about sex as well as to think about love, and to think about babies. In order to have good relationships, and good and satisfying sex life it will be good if everyone will know more about sexuality, so reading about sexuality is very good. Sex for pleasure can do many good things for humanity, relief stress and make more people on this planet happy.

2) Is it OK to buy and use sex toys?

Sex toys are TOYS. These toys usage is to increase sexual pleasure alone or with a partner (or
some partners). Sex toys only purpose is to increase pleasure of men and human. It doesn’t hurt anyone.

3) Is it OK to masturbate with sex toys?

Masturbation is making love with yourself, it is pleasuring yourself, it relief stress and makes people smile more. Masturbate with sex toys, is good as masturbate without sex toys, as long as you pleasure yourself, you can do it with your hand, you can do it with a back massager and you can do it with sex toys. Whatever makes you feel good with yourself, and doesn’t hurt anybody else is a good thing.

4) Is it OK to use sex toys when making love with my partner?

It is wonderful; whatever makes you both feel good with your love making is very good for your sex life and for your relationships.

5) What is the best sex toy?

There is no such thing as best sex toy for everybody. Everyone is a little bit different than the other with different things he likes. There are good and quality sex toys for woman and there are for man. There are good sex toys for straight couples as well as for gays and lesbians. There are amazing clitoris stimulation vibrators and there are G–Spot specific vibrators and dildos.

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How To Have A Completely Awesome Fall Season in Southern Ontario

Put away the phones, laptops, and iPads – explore nature; challenge yourself and appreciate your full potential, break up boredom or give in to your wild side. Your experience is just a click away… Here are 10 weekend secrets to having a completely awesome fall season in Southern Ontario.

1. Experience A New Altitude on a Submarine Tour – HMCS Ojibwa. Mounted on a specially designed floating dry dock in Port Burwell, this showcase is hard to miss; standing 5 stories high, tours inside this decommissioned sub illustrate life under the ocean waves. While you’re here treat yourself to all the other spendors this locale has to offer as well – sandy beaches, provincial park, historic lighthouse and lakeshore wind farm.

2. Treat the Family at a Fall Fair. According to the Ontario Agricultural Society, there are more than 230 agricultural fairs and exhibitions throughout Ontario and one of the oldest is The 171st Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show — October 2nd to the 8th. Musical grandstand entertainment and demolition derbies are the crowd favourites but there are many agricultural displays, craft exhibits, food vendors, art demonstrations, unique attractions, and talent shows. A few tips: bring a sweater or light jacket as a day at the fair can run late into the evening, dogs and other pets are not allowed, bring cash – debit is usually not accepted at the gate or games. Check websites for advanced tickets at reduced rates.

3. Get off the Beaten Track. Get in touch with your inner green spirit at one of the 38 conservation areas in Southern Ontario which boasts 55 historical landmarks and heritage sites. One of the furtive sites is at the Charles Sauriol Conservation Area. It is a historic agricultural land adjacent to Backus Heritage Conservation Area is the site of the Long Point Region Conservation Authority’s Carolinian Forest Regeneration Project initiated in 1991. Experience an arboretum of tree species include Red Oak, Silver Maple, Sycamore, White Birch and Green Ash it is also a control area for scientific and educational study of natural regeneration and succession of natural habitat as it relates to the Carolinian Forest and Backus Woods in particular.

4. Discover Hidden Treasures in St. Jacobs Country – One of Southern Ontario’s favourite rural cultural experience which features unique crafts, antiques, horse-drawn trolley tours, and regional cuisine that bring to light a Mennonite history that is rich and lively especially at the local farmers market.

5. Get your Wild West Spirit Kickin’ – See the spectacular colours of the countryside on horseback. Shine up your boots, saddle up a stallion, and head out onto the open range. Imagine picturesque landscapes surrounded by hills and forests, or trotting through a babbling brook while out on the trail. Experience an overnight adventure or camping snuggled up to a cozy campfire. There are many treks available in duration and extent – what are you waiting for?

6. Climb to New Heights – Outdoor Rock Climbing. Challenge yourself on real cliffs 80 ft high. Visualize soaring vultures and breathtaking views while you ascend and rappel jagged rocks – equalize anchors, belay, and learn essential climbing knots under the careful coaching of skilled mentors. This vertical escapade is an adrenaline rush; guaranteed.

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8. Cycle the Golden Coast. The sun peeking over the horizon with divine hues of orange, scarlet, crimson, and yellow ginger. Heading down a picturesque road lined with tall cornstalks on either side on the Water Front Trail in Ontario’s Southern Coastline; the Shores of Lake Erie in Norfolk County. Long known as the Gold Coast, glancing right, can catch a glimpse of the lake from time to time as the sun leisurely elevates transcending shimmering rays over the surface of the sparkling water. Marvel at the modern and historical architectural delights of the homes and farms along the way.

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Ein Einblick In Die Eventfotografie

Warum ist Event-Fotografie aktuell so gefragt?

Mit dem Boom der digitalen Medien und der Foto-Sharing-Konzepte, nicht nur ber das Internet, sondern auch auf Handy und Tablet-Plattformen, hat der Wunsch auf der ganzen Welt zugenommen bestimmte Menschen an besonderen Ereignissen im Leben teilhaben zu lassen. Familie und Freunde, die bei bestimmten Ereignissen und Anlssen nicht dabei sein knnen, warten mit Spannung auf Fotos, die die Stimmung dieser Ereignisse aufgefangen haben, um diese Momente persnlich nachzuempfinden. Hier spielt das Konzept der Event-Fotografie eine wichtige Rolle. Eine Unzahl an Veranstaltungen, Feiern und Kongressen soll fotografisch festgehalten werden um sie den Anwesenden emotional in Erinnerung zu halten. Ein ganzes Leben lang.

Was ist Event-Fotografie?

Eventfotografie bedeutet Bilder zu unterschiedlichsten Anlssen aufzunehmen. Die Fotografen werden von den Gastgebern solch wichter Veranstaltungen beauftragt, die bedeutendsten Ereignisse und Highligts in hochwertigen Bildern festzuhalten. Die Fotografen arbeiten professionell und sind mit High-End-Studio-Equipment, Bildprozessoren und Druckern ausgestattet. Die Fotografen nutzen ihre Ausstattung dann mit ihrem ganzen Wissen und ihrer ganzen Erfahrung, um mit maximalem Erfolg erstklassige Fotos fr die Kunden zu liefern. Je nach Gre der Veranstaltung kann ein Fotograf alleine oder im Team mit anderen erfahrenen Fotografen arbeiten.

Aktuell sind verschiedene Arten von Eventfotos gefragt. Diese reichen von Veranstaltungen wie Hochzeiten, Konzerte, Sportveranstaltungen und Festivals, Pre-Event-Fotoshootings, Kongresse, Schnappschsse, Portrts und Collagen und vieles mehr. Vom Eventfotograf wird erwartet, mit all diesen Arten arbeiten zu knnen und dennoch eine individuelle Kreativitt einzubringen.. Ein scharfes Auge frs wichtige Detail ist ein Muss fr jeden Fotografen. Er muss seine Ausstattung perfekt postitionieren und Menschen und Dinge attraktiv inszenieren knnen. Unter Bercksichtigung der angemessenen Lichtquellen und der richtigen Umgebung steht und fllt ein gutes Foto.

Der Arbeitsaufwand

Eine gutes Verstndnis fr die Ansprche des Kunden an Art und Qualitt der Fotos ist unabdingar. Gnstige Gelegenheiten sofort zu erkennen, Requisiten und Beleuchtung vor Ort richtig zu platzieren ist ein absolutes Muss. Der Fotograf setzt seine Ausstattung so ein, dass das Event in bestmglicher Weise dokumentiert wird. Oft nimmt er bei einer Veranstaltung tausende Fotos auf.. Natrlich liefern nicht alle ein perfektes Ergebnis. Er trifft nun eine Auswahl, verwirft die schlechten und bearbeitet die qualtitativ hochwertigen am PC. Visuelle Effekte werden herausgearbeitet und die Qualitt der Aufnahmen verbessert. Schlielich druckt er sie aus und bergibt sie dem Kunden. Die volldigitale Ausstattung des Fotografen, einschlielich High-End-DSLR-Kameras, bestimmten Arten von Linsen und Blitz-Zubehr, beschleunigt diesen gesamten Prozess zustzlich, und die Kunden erhalten ihre qualitativ hochwertigen Fotos innerhalb weniger Tage oder Stunden nach der Veranstaltung – nur ein weiterer Vorteil der modernen Fotografie.

Aktuell sind verschiedene Arten von Eventfotos gefragt. Diese reichen von Veranstaltungen wie Hochzeiten, Konzerte, Sportveranstaltungen und Festivals, Pre-Event-Fotoshootings, Kongresse, Schnappschsse, Portrts und Collagen und vieles mehr. Vom Eventfotograf wird erwartet, mit all diesen Arten arbeiten zu knnen und dennoch eine individuelle Kreativitt einzubringen.. Ein scharfes Auge frs wichtige Detail ist ein Muss fr jeden Fotografen. Er muss seine Ausstattung perfekt postitionieren und Menschen und Dinge attraktiv inszenieren knnen. Unter Bercksichtigung der angemessenen Lichtquellen und der richtigen Umgebung steht und fllt ein gutes Foto.